Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New house for Library at Polish Home!

Despite summer break, work is going on at the library. Thanks to the general development of Polish Home, the new space for books and films was added as well.

All started with the decision of moving the library upstairs. The expansion plans included the room with bookshelves and the reading area that is going to be shared with the Film Club. Thanks to work of Andy Okinczyc and Ron Van Buskirk the television and internet cables were installed.

After completing the general development, Polish Home Foundation financed the materials for building the shelves. Unfortunately as usually in such the projects, the labor is the most expensive part of it. Again thanks to the volunteers, Andrzej Mróz and Tadeusz Kochel, who built the shelves, the project was completed with the beginning of June.

The next step then was the moving of the collection. And once again thanks to the work of the volunteers, Ewa Podkowski, Henia, Iwona Bernacki, Władysław Rylski and Marcin Kott, the move was completed within just three afternoons!

And last but not least, we would like to thank sincerely all the volunteers helping in establishing and moving the library and the collection.

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